There Is Only Work at the Beginning

Legendary director Sidney Lumet’s advice to aspiring filmmakers was pretty simple: Get enough work done first.

Even the worst show, film, project has something to teach us, something we can take away from it. It can be working for a studio or collaborating with another writer or storyteller. It is easy sometime to get lost in the complaints we hear around us about how this or that film, comic, book, or tv-show is not what we wish it was. Yet, we should try to think critically about what is it that we don’t like about a project and which are its positive aspects. Might be the writing, or the look of it or the pipeline they are using on the production.

Treasure that information, both the positive and the negative.

It will come in handy when you will be in charge of a different project. You will know what to avoid and what to use.

You can find Sidney Lumet’s book here: (amazon*)

Did you have some experience like that? Did you ever put to work some knowledge you acquired while working on a bad project? Leave a comment!

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Full Lumet’s interview on the Archive of American Television

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