Storytelling: Simple is not Easy

Taking complex things and simplify them to their core is one of the hardest things to do. Whether in design or storytelling, it takes years to master this skill.

In the first draft of a story, we will put on the page all the information that we will instinctively feel should be told. Yet, the professional storyteller will recognize what belongs to the story and what is extra fat.

Stephen King said that the first draft is for yourself, the second one is for the reader, meaning exactly that. In our second draft he would take out everything that is extra, that doesn’t move forward the story or that is of no use to the reader.

What is your process to simplify your story? How do you recognize what doesn’t belong to your story?

Of all the books on storytelling that I read so far, “Invisible Ink” is the most useful and condensed book of all. Much better than other longer, technical books.

If you want to check it out on amazon there is a preview of some pages here*.

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