Welcome Storytellers!

Welcome to The Storyteller Chronicles, were we will talk about the art, but also the business of storytelling.

My name is Camillo Clauser and I am a storyboard artist for feature and tv animation. Due to my job, this blog will have a special interest in storytelling in the entertainment industry, but will occasionally explore other fields as well.

There were many things I didn’t know when I first got a job in the entertainment industry. While in college, I saw great videos about the technical aspects of storyboarding, but not many about the practical aspects of a career in storyboarding. After a few years of working, I decided it was time to collect questions that I wished I asked before starting my career or wished someone told me about in college. Questions like what happens in a launch meeting, what questions should you ask to a director or head of story, how to create side projects while working full time….

I wanted to create a space to talk about not just the art of storytelling, but also the day to day career. And this is what The Storyteller Chronicles will be about!